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An Independent Physicians Organization Promoting Increased Control, Reduced Risk and Maximum Revenue through a Platform of Advocacy.

Increase Control

Physicians are feeling pressure to sell their practice to a hospital and become employees, Facing the prospect of lower reimbursements, demanding and complicated regulations, physicians feel like they are losing control of their practice and not able to practice medicine in the way they know serves their patients best. Find out how Physicians Proviso can help.

Reduce Risk

Risk for a medical practice comes in many forms, from billing and coding errors, compliance or procedural risk. Physicians Proviso is dedicated to the independent physician to help them reduce risk in their medical practice.

Maximize Revenue

Physicians Proviso can help you work smarter from a business standpoint. From performance improvement to in-clinic ancillary services, P2 brings new revenue improving opportunity to your practice.

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Why choose Physicians Proviso

The Healthcare industry has undergone and continues to undergo a vast amount of change. Physicians are finding that they have to deal with a host of issues that affect their practice, including new regulations, EMR integration and new payment models. For the Physician who is still in private practice, dealing with these issues can be time consuming, which is where P2 brings real value.

P2 has vetted and contracted with partner companies that provide valuable services for Physicians to  improve patient care and outcome while adding income to the bottom line of their practice. Pretty  straight forward! In addition to patient services that will improve patient outcome and increase  revenue, P2 is building a network of advocacy in local, state and federal government. Our most  ambitious goal is to have a voice in the governmental process that makes and controls healthcare  legislation. Physicians need a voice in government and P2 wants to be that voice for you!

What Physicians are saying about Physicians Proviso

  • Covington, Louisiana Physician

    Physicians Proviso helped us get full practice assessment of our organization, which turned up nearly half a million dollars in savings through best practices, process improvement and quality measure. We never thought we were leaving so much money on the table. With our increased profitability, we are able to better serve patients and improve our level of care. I cannot say enough about the value that P2 has brought to my practice.

    Covington, Louisiana Physician, Independent Physician at
  • Bend, Oregon Physician Internal Medicine

    One of the best programs we have adopted is the Diabetes Assessment and Management Center (DiAMC) to treat and monitor my patients with diabetes. This center is so far ahead of its time, yet a highly needed solution to the growing diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity epidemics. I retain my patient but get the benefit of evidence based medical recommendations and improved patient outcomes.

    Bend, Oregon Physician Internal Medicine, at

Physicians Proviso Executive Leadership Council

Dr. James Andrews
Executive Leadership Council
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Dr. Thomas Lavin
Executive Leadership Board
P2_Dr. Thomas Lavin
Dr. Ben Carson
Executive Leadership Council
P2_Dr. Ben Carson

Physicians Proviso Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Andrew Farah
Medical Advisory Board
P2_Dr. Any Farah
Dr. Brian Forrest
Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Joseluis Ibarra
Medical Advisory Board
P2_Dr. Joseluis Ibarra
Dr. Leanne Truehart
Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Ramon Iglesias
Medical Advisory Board
P2_Dr. RayIglesias
Dr. Reyn Archer
Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Richard Mestayer
Medical Advisory Board
P2_Dr. Richard Mestayer
Dr. Robert Bouvier
Medical Advisory Board
P2_Dr. Robert Bouvier
Dr. Stanford Owen
Medical Advisory Board

In 2000, 5 out of 10 physicians were in private practice.

In 2014, less than 20% of physicians are in private practice.

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Physicians Proviso Brings Value to Your Practice

Leadership & Excellence

Physicians Proviso is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in medicine by supporting the physician leaders in their practice. We are founded with the express purpose of advocating for the independent physician.

Through our vetted portfolio of services and products, we bring a valuable resource to your practice to help you pursue excellence in both patient care, in your career and in your medical practice.

Legislative Action Alerts

One of Physicians Proviso’s main goals is to advocate for our member physicians in the halls of state and federal government. It is here that the healthcare regulatory climate is shaped. Because our physicians are busy day-to-day doing what they do best, treating their patients, it’s important that they have someone hearing their concerns, developing strategies to solve problems, and engaging those in positions of influence who can help physicians to increase control, reduce risk, and maximize revenue in their practices.

Our organization’s leadership boards, consisting solely of physicians, will help to guide our legislative and governmental efforts to ensure that our approach is by physicians and for physicians. With the ever increasing challenges facing the independent physician, we’re proud to provide a voice in the public policy arena that serves you and your practice.

Top 10 reasons to join P2

1. Gain an advocate

2. Increase Control in your practice

3. Reduce Risk to your practice

4. Maximize Revenue in your practice

5. Gain a voice in local state and federal regulating bodies

6. Build your business acumen

7. Improve patient outcomes

8. Become part of a dynamic network of like-minded physicians

9. Change healthcare in America

10. The Best Part- It’s Free to Join!