Welcome to Physicians Proviso

An Independent Physicians Organization Promoting Increased Control, Reduced Risk and Maximum Revenue through a Platform of Advocacy.

Increase Control

Physicians are feeling pressure to sell their practice to a hospital and become employees. Facing the prospect of lower reimbursements, demanding and complicated regulations, physicians feel like they are losing control of their practice and not able to practice medicine in the way they know serves their patients best. Find out how Physicians Proviso can help.

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Reduce Risk

Risk for a medical practice comes in many forms, from billing and coding errors, compliance or procedural risk. Physicians Proviso is dedicated to the independent physician to help them reduce risk in their medical practice.

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Maximize Revenue

Physicians Proviso can help you work smarter from a business standpoint. From performance improvement to in-clinic ancillary services, P2 brings new revenue improving opportunity to your practice.

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Why Choose Physicians Proviso

Doctors benefit from P2 advocacy

The Healthcare industry has undergone and continues to undergo a vast amount of change. Physicians are finding that they have to deal with a host of issues that affect their practice, including new regulations, EMR integration and new payment models. For the Physician who is still in private practice, dealing with these issues can be time consuming, which is where P2 brings real value.

P2 has vetted and contracted with partner companies that provide valuable services for Physicians to improve patient care and outcome while adding income to the bottom line of their practice. Pretty straight forward! In addition to patient services that will improve patient outcome and increase revenue, P2 is building a network of advocacy in local, state and federal government. Our most ambitious goal is to have a voice in the governmental process that makes and controls healthcare legislation. Physicians need a voice in government and P2 wants to be that voice for you!